Subtraction Videos

Adding Negative Integers

Thumbnail image for Adding Negative Integers

Use a number line to learn how to add and subtract positive and negative integers with […]

Adding and subtracting fractions

Thumbnail image for Adding and subtracting fractions

Learn how to add and subtract fractions with Khan Academy, a renowned teacher for all levels […]

Adding and Subtracting Song

Learn the basic concept of addition and subtract (and plus and minus) through a fun and […]

Subtraction – Subtracting Whole Numbers

Thumbnail image for Subtraction – Subtracting Whole Numbers teaches you how to subtract numbers with two or more digits in a clear, step-by-step […]

Visuals for Basic Subtraction

Thumbnail image for Visuals for Basic Subtraction

This introduction to subtraction is perfect for kids struggling with the concepts behind taking away items. […]

Children’s: Subtraction

Thumbnail image for Children’s: Subtraction

Practice your subtraction with the help of this simple presentation of the numbers 0-10. See the […]

Level 4 Subtraction

Thumbnail image for Level 4 Subtraction

Learn how to do some of the hardest subtraction problems out there in this presentation on […]

Addition & Subtraction Animated Rap

Thumbnail image for Addition & Subtraction Animated Rap

DJ Doc Roc and the Get Smart Crew present the Rock ‘N Learn Addition & Subtraction […]

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