Integer Tilt 2

Thumbnail image for Integer Tilt 2

Do your best to balance this scale using the integers that fall down. Use the arrow […]

Speed Oddity

Thumbnail image for Speed Oddity

Control this speedy man and help him collect the numbers he needs to collect. You will […]

Mathematical Monster

Thumbnail image for Mathematical Monster

Match the value found in the apple with the value on the turtle . Use arrow […]

Number Rush

Thumbnail image for Number Rush

Use the keys “1”, “2”, “3”, and “4” at the perfect times to get a sum […]

The Cottage

Thumbnail image for The Cottage

Watch the people as they go in and out of the cottage. Keep track of how […]

Math Challenge

Thumbnail image for Math Challenge

This game is really simple, just click on the area with more objects in it! It […]

Summation 9

Thumbnail image for Summation 9

Use the cash register and choose from nine random numbers to add, subtract, multiply, or divide […]

Colorful Math Lines

Thumbnail image for Colorful Math Lines

Don’t let the colorful balls get to the end of the path & fall down the […]

Many Balls

Thumbnail image for Many Balls

Quickly count the number of balls on the screen. If you get the answer wrong, you […]

Rhythmix Calculix

Thumbnail image for Rhythmix Calculix

Answer these simple math questions by typing in the results to the beat of the music! […]

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