Universe Destruction

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Climb aboard your intergalactic spaceship to save our universe from the super smart zombie race, better [...]

Math Balls

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Math Balls is a simple game to help teach the difference between even and odd numbers [...]

Even Shooter

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You’ve got one minute to help Math Dude shoot as many balloons as you can.  There’s [...]

Math Balloon Shooter

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Play this math game to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a fun way.  Use your [...]

Space & Arrows

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This game is full of fun mini games to play and unlock. Play the mini games [...]

Balloon Math!

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Use your sharp object to pop each balloon with the correct answer! You will be given [...]

Water Balloons

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It’s time for a water balloon fight! Fight against a friend or a computer in an [...]

Cat Crunch

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Throw bones at the cats before they can get to you! You earn bones by answering [...]

Math Attack

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Protect your body from viruses and bacteria! Outsmart the disease by solving the problem given to [...]


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Collect the falling squares with your ship. Some are good, and some are bad. As you [...]