Smart Bee

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Bees are very busy and they try to save time wherever they can so that they [...]

Water Jars

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Puzzles like these are from long ago but they are still challenging and fun. If you [...]

Space Array

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Here is a math challenge for all you girls and boys who love to solve problems. [...]

Unsigned Int-II

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The object of this game is to get nothing. Start with a value of zero and [...]


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Soduko is not just for old people and the nerds. It is also for cool kids [...]

Orb Drop

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This entertaining game combines the cool logic of a graph with the addictive qualities of Tetris.  [...]

Griddler Groove

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Griddler Groove is a logic puzzle game in a fun format! Griddlers, also called nonograms or [...]

Cute Connect

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In this cute puzzle game, earn points by making blocks disappear. To make a group of [...]


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Play a classic game of sudoku! Sudoku is a great puzzling number game for all ages. [...]


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Help balance each of the numbers in these tricky puzzles! The numbers on each side of [...]