Math Apocalypse

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The earth has been invaded by aliens who feed off human brain activity! So let’s put [...]

Unsigned Int-II

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The object of this game is to get nothing. Start with a value of zero and [...]

Number Revolution

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Keep the blocks from reaching the top of the play screen by using your super arithmetic [...]

Cute Division Math Game

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We all know that we can add and we all know that we can subtract.  Some [...]

Demolition Math

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This game combines the two best things in the world, explosions and math problems!  The object [...]

Add The Line

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Simply add to ten to earn points in this puzzling game.  The game board is a [...]


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Add, subtract, multiply, and divide as quick as you can in this fast paced game.  The [...]

Math Wizard

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Practice your math skill! Choose between 4 categories: addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication. Pick one of [...]

Polar Bear Division Puzzle

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Match the correct answers to these division problems to discover the cute polar bear underneath!

Arithmetic Challenge

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Take this quick quiz see how many equations you can solve in 1 minute. You have [...]