Count the Cubes

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Here are ten fun levels of cube counting awesomeness! You will exercise your memory, your spacial [...]

Avoid Natural Numbers

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We use natural numbers every time we count something.  We can count all our cookies or [...]

Number Bobble

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Pop Bobbles in this fun game.  Each Bobble has a number and all you have to [...]

Memory Experts

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Think you’ve got a good memory? Test your memory with this fun game! Click “start” to [...]

Even Glove

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Help this magic even glove catch these numbers! Be careful, make sure you only catch even [...]

Number Balls

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In this game there will be multiple balls on the screen. Click on the balls in [...]

Aquarium Fish

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This  fun fishy game will help you with your counting! Count the number of fish you [...]

Integer Tilt 2

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Do your best to balance this scale using the integers that fall down. Use the arrow [...]

Speed Oddity

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Control this speedy man and help him collect the numbers he needs to collect. You will [...]

Mathematical Monster

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Match the value found in the apple with the value on the turtle . Use arrow [...]