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The Equator

Make simple math equations as quick as you can in order to make the squares explode. [...]

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A classic game with a twist! Collect factors, multiples, or primes of the given number in [...]

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In this game, there will be one number or equation in the center. You have to [...]

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Math Attack

Protect your body from viruses and bacteria! Outsmart the disease by solving the problem given to [...]

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Math Mountain

Get to the top of the mountain before you opponent does! In order to move towards [...]

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Math Master

Test your math skills and compare your scores with others from all over the world. Select [...]

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Equity Storm

The goal of this math puzzle is to make rearrange all the numbers and symbols to [...]

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Math 101

Take this simple math test for your teacher. She will have a problem on the board [...]

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Match Move

You will be given an incorrect equation. Move one match stick in order to make the [...]

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Space Traveller

You are the captain of the spaceship! In order to make it to outer space, answer [...]