Space Array

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Here is a math challenge for all you girls and boys who love to solve problems. [...]

Algebra Coins

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Algebra is everywhere! In this fun game, each row and column must add to the given [...]

Speed Score

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If you like a challenge, this is the game for you! First, choose the difficulty level [...]

Quick M+th

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How fast can you solve math equations? Solve each of the given equations as quickly as [...]

Meteor Defender

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Planet Earth is in danger! Save the planet you love from the falling meteors. These meteors [...]

Quick Mathematics

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Choose the type of math you’d like to practice and get solving! Choose between subtraction, addition, [...]

Arithmetic Puzzle Mini

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Create a board full of equations! Use your mouse to place numbers and signs around the [...]

Number Mania 3 – Arithmetic

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Make every square on the board disappear by completing math equations. First, pick a number to [...]


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Are you as good at math as a calculator!? Find out now! Solve simple math equations [...]

Number Eaters

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This hungry monster loves eating numbers! You will be given a certain sum, difference, or multiple [...]