Fun Math Games to Do in a Car

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If you go out for a family car ride, you can consider teaching the basics of math to your child using a few fun math games. These games can not only make the car trip a memorable one but also at the same time, they can polish the math attitude of your child. It is not necessary that you go on a long trip; it can simply be a drive to the grocery store. No matter what, it is always a good time to teach your little child a few math concepts. But you need to make sure that you make it as much interesting and fun as possible and never allow a situation where you child starts hating the subject.

You can start with a counting game. Provide a car color to your child and ask him or her to count the number of cars he or she spots with that color. Ask your child to count out the numbers loudly. For example, if you give the color green and your child spots three green cars, he or she will have to count 1,2,3 loudly. Once your child counts a few green cars, you can change the color! Now your child starts counting the red cars until you ask your child to stop. Once you ask your child to stop, you can ask him or her to multiply the numbers or add them or subtract them. You can create a word problem for your child and ask, “You saw 3 green cars and 5 red cars. How many cars did you see in total?” Your child will like this game because children enjoy watching everything as you drive along the road. You can just use this time to help them to practice some basic concepts of math.

License plates are a goldmine for numbers.

Guessing the numbers can be another nice and fun math game that you can use to keep your child engaged with math during a car ride. You can start by thinking of a number and then ask your child to guess the number you thought of but remember to give your child a starting point! For example, if you think of the number 88, you can say, “guess the number I thought of. It is more than 60 but less than 100.” Suppose your child guesses the number to be 73. You can now give you child another clue and say, “It is 12 less than 100 and 15 more than your guess. So, what is the number that I thought of?”

License plates can also be used as fun math games. Ask your child to guess the number of cars with license plate numbers ending with an even number that will pass in the next 5 minutes. After he or she makes a guess, ask him or her to start counting aloud and you can maintain the time. If your child gets close to the guessed number, give a reward! You can also come up with other math games and teach your child some basic math concepts in a fun and interesting way.

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