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Ever wonder how you can get your children to love to do homework? It can be a tedious and difficult task as most kids dislike homework and especially math homework. Math homework needs to be challenging and fun, something that can keep them engaged and help to grow their interest in the subject. Homework is defined as something meant for reinforcing the skills which are taught in class. On the contrary, homework must be in line with the skill sets of the students and they must be interesting for the children. By interesting it means that children must enjoy the homework and try to finish the same without the need of any help. The only real way children will enjoy their math homework is if they understand it.

It often happens that teachers fail to cover all the concepts in a specific class and the reason behind this can be a shortage of time. Often what one student understands another does not. When there is time constraint in the classroom, in order to get students to practice teachers must assign homework. This is where problems can arise; how can a student complete his or her homework on something that is not taught well or that they do not understand? A teacher cannot simply expect a student to become extremely productive and learn all the concepts on his or her own. In case of situations where all the concepts are not covered, the best thing for a teacher to do is to either provide less homework or provide no homework at all. However, there needs to be a backup plan and just to encourage the students to go through the lessons taught in class. Providing extra time for learning at lunch or after school is often beneficial. As a parent it is very important that you have the class outline so that you’re aware of what is expected. If you do not understand the math (which happens now days) you may need to consider hiring a tutor.

Children love to play memory games and when they win and are rewarded with snacks or prizes, they often will have more of an interest in the subject. Teachers and parents need to occasionally play things such as memory games to make sure that math never becomes a trouble for the students. Teachers also need to avoid sedimentation of taught facts; producing challenging and exciting homework modules can help the teachers and parents in developing the child’s interest for math.

Try offering snacks as a math reward

The most important thing to keep your child interested in math is to make sure they understand. If a child does not understand how to add, they will never learn how to multiple. Everything starts at the bottom with math, the learning process then goes up in levels and it is extremely important that children are aware of how each level works. The reason many kids take a disliking to math is because a specific level is difficult, or may have been taught wrong, etc. Practice makes perfect.

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