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Building up a solid foundation of math for your children is very important. Gone are the days when math was to be learned with tedious and boring and long practice sessions. You can show math to your children in everything they do. This will gradually develop a sense of liking for the subject and they will learn how to master the subject over time. You need to make it fun for them. You can ask simple questions in the kitchen like, we had 10 eggs, we cooked 4 of them now so, how many are left? Introduce them to the abacus. Make them count everything. Make them count the number of stairs in the house, number of rooms in the house, total number of windows and doors in the house, how many steps they need to take from kitchen to reach their bedroom, how many steps they require to reach the car from the front door and so on! It is just about counting everything in every activity they do. You can even ask them to count the total number of legs and total number of hands in your house, you can ask them to count the number of plates in the house and so on…

Use pizza to teach fractions!

Assign a number to the day and ask them to find out the number of times that number appears throughout the day. Assign them the task of calculating the number of circular items that they come across around the house or number of triangular items they see when the go to different places or travel by car. In grocery stores, let them assist you in weighing fruits and vegetables. You can introduce them to the prices of each pound or to the prices of each unit and ask them to suggest the best buy with a given amount of money. For elder children, you can introduce them to coupons and ask them to find out the price of a product after using the coupon. Give them allowance for every single chore they complete and allow them to add the money to get something that they want. They will then calculate the amount of money they have and the amount they need.
Ask them to add pennies in their jar of coins and give answers to your simple questions like how much 2 pennies gives when added up and so on… Give them time limits for their chores and challenge them to complete the next task in a shorter time period. This can all be fun. Introduce them to fractions with pizza! Play soft music when they are engaged in math activities. Studies show that with soft music on, the right side of the brain (the creative side) remains occupied and hence, allows the children to concentrate on their chores using the left side. These simple things can help you to introduce your children to the world of numbers and math in a way which is fun and interesting as well as challenging and they will soon learn the basic concepts easily without much pain and fear.

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