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Out of my own experience with my children, I did learn one thing – Math can be a difficult subject to grasp because of its complex nature and the problem is just exaggerated because the skills and concepts required to grasp the subject are just not well taught in school. But, you need to help your children to understand the subject because of its importance in the real world. I took a few simple approaches which actually worked and this may simply help you as well.

I gave small allowances to my children every time they completed a chore and this helped in growing their interest in math. The rule of thumb is that the more your kid practices math, the better he or she can grasp the concept and a little allowance is just that perfect catalyst. In addition, my children are simply fond of several foods. I chopped the pizza and burger into slices, which helped them to learn the concept of fractions. My daughter is always clever enough to detect the event of her getting a smaller piece!
The basic thing that you need to teach math to your child is to involve him/her in everything that you do in everyday life. I take my children to the grocery and hand over the money to them and ask them to make the purchase after I made sure to let them know the stuff that I need. This allowed my children to understand the basic concepts of arithmetic. This helped them to understand when to add, when to subtract, when to multiply and when to divide. We all know that a practical experience is always a welcome kit in addition to the theory.

Start math concepts at a young age!

Banking concepts? Well, that can be a difficult thing to teach. However, it can be turned simple when you open a savings account for your child. Give some allowance; ask to spend some out of that and save the rest in the account for future use. That is fun for them and they will jump into it. They will learn the concepts of dividend, withdrawal and deposit with every statement they receive.
Calculating age or reading a watch or a clock are some basic and important concepts of math. Let your children do that on their own. Reading a clock can be fun when the clock is of their choice. Buy them a clock that they want! Teach them about birthdays and ask them their age. They will do that and then slowly move on to difficult calculations like asking your age or that of the siblings and more. Reward them with something they love every time they solve a problem.

There are several board games which children love to play but we stop them and ask them to study. That is not the way! Allow them because they have important mathematical concepts. Your children can learn to subtract or add or multiply faster. You can even involve them in cooking and ask them how much more ingredients you need to double the recipe. They will quickly calculate that if the recipe is of their choice. Reward them at the end with the cooked food! Include math in the stories you tell. Simple concepts can be helpful like “four friends went by a car, two by walking, how many reached the spot?”
Possibilities are just endless here. Everything can teach math to your children. Help t

hem to understand these concepts. Schools are there but your assistance is simply precious.

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