What is Algebra Good For?

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Algebra is a segment of math that is used in almost everything you do. This particular branch of math is widely used in advanced sciences like rocket propulsion, Einstein’s Relativity Theory or Newton’s Theory of Gravitational Pull. Almost everything that you can think of has algebra in it and even the most complex calculations can be easily done using algebra. Studies reveal that only about 5% of the students go for advanced studies in different streams of Science and Art. Those students will definitely require a thorough knowledge of algebra because they will need to deal with complex equations where precision is required. But, what about those who do not go for advanced studies? Even they will need basic algebra in almost everything they do in their every day life. It is because of this reason, that it is important that your child must learn algebra. You need to help your child in grasping the concept of algebra through simple calculations using fun and exciting games.

An interesting fact about algebra is that you will use it in creating budgets, calculating taxes and mortgages, buying new things and selling old stuff and many other activities but you will never know that you are actually using algebra. It is natural that your children will be doing the same when they grow up. All these may look like simple addition, multiplication, subtraction or division but these are the essential prerequisites or pre-algebraic concepts which create the building blocks for algebra. But, using simple arithmetic is not always a feasible solution. Sometimes, unknown factors are to be taken into account to accommodate the various possibilities in a given situation. For instance, simple arithmetic sounds logical in calculating the monthly installments for your mortgage with a fixed interest rate. What if the interest rate is not fixed and is a variable (in terms of finance, the rate is Adjusted) and you need to calculate a series of possible monthly installments which will cover the anticipated market fluctuations? This is where you need algebra, which can deal with unknown values using simple concepts of arithmetic!

Even paying bills can use algebra

What if you need to figure out the grocery budgets? There are some variable factors which you need to deal with like the demand and supply, your current physical condition and many more! All these can be easily solved using algebra. Your child will have to someday face these things and then, the lack of proper knowledge of algebra can be a real trouble! You need to teach your child to deal with simple calculations at an early age so that later, they can deal with their regular activities and comprehend the laws and factors which affect those activities and eventually help with decision making using the gateway of algebra. Simple candy games or card games or even the use of manipulatives can help your child to understand the basic concepts of calculations in a rather interesting way which they love. Thus, learning algebra is an essential part of our world, it is important that you help your child to achieve all that they can even if they do not enjoy the subject!

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