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It is nothing other than ironic that new educational standards which are imposed have made it difficult for the students. Especially when it comes to math, processes can be frustrating. Teachers follow the new regulations and parents try to teach their children using the techniques they used back in the historic ages. “Well we learned it this way” is no longer the way of learning! It is because of this, that clashes start between parents and teachers and the bottom line is that the students come home with poor grades. The eventual outcome is that the students are afraid of the subject. I realized this lately and found that my techniques to teach my child were different to those used in school and there was a severe problem that came up! You may be facing the same problem!
However, there is a solution to this and you can actually help your child to overcome this problem. It is simple! You need to learn it the new way! You need to remove your emotions from the equation and be steady and this is when you need to take the fear out of your child. Let him or her educate you about the new math language that is used by the teachers. You need to follow your child and learn the new way. Your child needs to have a strong sense of numbers and counting by 3s and 4s loudly will actually help them. Try and find out whether there is a gap that needs to be filled. What does that mean? It means that if your child is not doing well in algebra, he or she must be facing problems with fractions and decimals. Wow! That is not really what you expected! Actually, math is extremely sequential. If one concept is not clear, the other will not be clear as well.

Try using color pencils for math homework.

Traditionally you relied on visual impact…the flash cards! However, you need to know that it is different now. They may need to feel the numbers with their fingers and so, make them write the math facts on sand! It happens that at times the children step back and develop a sense of dislike when they see 5-10 pages of problems ahead of them. This is pretty common and so, you need to break up the math problems into smaller chunks. This will actually help them and keep them going. Give them five problems first and then after sometime give them another five and so on.

Believe it or not, music can help at times. Music is known to keep the child’s right side of the brain busy and thus, the child can use the left side to do the math problems easily. Same is with color pencils. Use color pencils on white sheets and this will help them to achieve their goals easily. It won’t be too long before you see a smile on your child’s face. He or she will definitely say that math is fun, which in child-language will be, “math rocks”! Though strange, these techniques work and they are pretty effective.

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