How Are You Planning To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten Math?

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With the current level of education and the competition that has spread all around, it has become paramount that preschoolers or kindergarten students are fed with a proper math foundation. However, it can rarely be found that these little fellows enter their school life with a solid foundation of math. As a matter of fact, it is very often found that only a very few preschoolers enter the school with a good concept of mathematical logics and arithmetic concepts. This is ironic that most of us think that the simple counting skills, which are basically verbal and not mathematical skills, are a good math foundation. Eventually we end up finding that our children are apprehensive about math at the very early stage of their life. They have already developed a negative feeling for math. But how? This is what we need to find out.

Most often, it comes from within the family like siblings, baby sitters and maybe even parents. It is just a negative attitude that they have picked up from someone else and we need to take this out. If the negative attitude has come from the parents then it can be easy to remove as well. You need to speak to your child with a positive frame of mind and even if you don’t like math yourself, you need to be positive and say that your dislike for the subject was because of some incidence that you faced and that your child is completely different and never faced such a problem. Explain to your children that they are different in terms that they have different skills and they can handle math properly with fun and enjoyment.

Speak about the specific things which are causing troubles. There can barely be any specific problem for children up to 7 years of age but if they somehow come across or speak of some problem related to their skill, you need to say that the difficult they are facing is not really significant and you can work with them to help them to overcome those problems. Explain to them that it is important to understand math properly because the subject will hold a huge importance in later years. Provide time to your children and work out simple learning processes with them. Be patient and show a positive attitude even if you do not like the subject at all. Showcase the attitude that you have complete confidence in the abilities they have and never get angry at them just because they are unable to concentrate or perform according to your expectation. This way, you can overcome the troubles.

However, if the negative attitude that has been developed is not because of anyone within your family, you need to really to find out the source of such an attitude. You need to speak in details to others and if you identify the source, you need to make sure that the source never repeats the same negative comments. Get back to your children and come up with positive comments about their performance. It will work out. Children are really good at doing things which they love to do. You just need to help them love math.

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