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Regular math classes or lessons are boring. However, adding a theme to the same can make it fun and interesting for the children. Halloween can be used as a theme to develop the interest and children will find this to be one of the best ways to learn math. A very interesting Halloween theme that can be added to math lessons is the popular “Four Dice Skeleton Game”. To begin the game, children are to be grouped in teams. A board or a white paper will be required along with 4 dice. To start with, the letters A to Z will be assigned a digit and will be written across the board or the paper in use. To simplify, ‘a’ will be assigned the numerical digit 1, ‘b’ will be tagged as 2 and so on. Each team will draw 8 dashes corresponding to the word “SKELETON”.

The game commences by throwing the 4 dice by each team. The resultant digit for each dice will be added up and the team needs to look out for the letter corresponding to the sum. For example, if the 4 dice yield the numbers 1,1,2,1, the resultant sum will be 5. Looking at the numbered letters, the team will find that 5 corresponds to the letter ‘e’. So, the team can write down the e’s in the dashes made for the word SKELETON. The team which finishes the word first will be announced as the winning team. By nature, this game is time consuming and hence, if you are falling short of time, you can ask the teams to fill only one word instead of having each team filling a word. The winner in this case will be the team which fills the last letter of the word. Other possible words that can be used are Pumpkin, Monster, Frighten etc but the words with the letters a, b, c, d, y and z must be avoided because the children will fail to get the corresponding numbers for these letters by throwing the dice.

Other games that can be played and integrated into math is popular Pumpkin Prediction. Children can be asked to predict the height, mass, width or the circumference of a pumpkin and those who produce the closest estimate will be rewarded with a prize. The children can also be asked to arrange several pumpkins in order of lightest to heaviest and then mark them with letters. The child with the closest prediction will be declared the winner and rewarded.

Again candies can be a great way to play math games during Halloween. Ask children to arrange the candies in a line consisting of 20 candies and ask them to arrange in the order of red, blue, red, blue and so on. Now you can ask a child to count to 20 by the number 2 and eat the ones which are not counted. There are several other candy games which can be played or you can even create a game on your own but make sure that the game that you create is fun to play other than eating candies! This will help children to start loving the math game merely because they love candies and they never realize that they develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts of math!

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