Fun Math Games to Do at a Grocery Store

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Grocery shopping can be difficult if you take your child along with you. However, if you plan to engage your child in some fun math games which can be played while shopping for groceries, your child can stay occupied and at the same time, they can learn the basic concepts of math in an interesting way. You can start with a simple game which will teach your child the concept of addition in the real world. Let your child come up with the choice of fruit that he or she prefers and ask your child to decide on the number of pounds he or she wishes to buy. Tell your child that 16 ounces make one pound and let him or her weigh the fruit that you pick up. Then ask how many ounces he or she needs more to make a pound! Your child will feel happy to be able to purchase fruits of his or her choice and will show keen interest in finding out the number of extra ounces required to make one pound and this will help in building up the concept of addition.

You can even try out multiplication! Tell your child the price of one ounce of peanut butter and ask the total price for one pound. Youngsters love peanut butter and your child will immediately get busy in calculating the total price of one pound of peanut butter. But, do remember to reward your child by buying the peanut butter if he/she succeeds in calculating the overall price. Even if your child fails, you can buy the product just to encourage your child. This will positively impact the learning process as your child will develop a keen interest in math.

Creating word problems from the total grocery bill can also be an option of an exciting game. Ask your child the question, “We expected to pay $150 on grocery bills but we paid $114. How much less did we pay than that expected?” Declare a chocolate as a reward and you will find that your child will immediately bounce on the problem and try to get the solution.

If you have coupons, you can use them too. For instance, if you have 5 discount coupons worth $2 each, you can pick up an item that will cost you $35 and tell your child that if you give one coupon, you will get a discount of $2. So, what will be the price of the item? You can further ask if all the coupons are used, how much discount you will get and what will be the final price of the item? These questions can be little complex but they use the simple concepts of addition, subtraction and multiplication and you may wonder how your child actually calculates the eventual discounted price of the product. These simple fun math games in a grocery shop can help in developing the math attitude of your child and also help in developing interest in the subject within a framework of a practical environment.

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